Children's Ministry

Ascensions' Youth and Sunday School

“Teaching Youth about the Power of God's Love”

Ascension's goal is to provide a welcoming and safe environment for God's children to learn about Christ’s love and the faith within them.

We also help parent to teach their children about the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and grow in a relationship with Him through the guidance of our teachers, using Bible passages.


The Church of Ascension conducted Sunday school since the Founding Fathers started the Church in 1965. The former church was a one room multi-purpose area named Founders Hall. Church service and Sunday school were conducted simultaneously using accordion doors for separation. Now there are classrooms for each age group, a sanctuary, a multi-purpose building named for the late Miriam D. Pratt.

Several dedicated superintendents guided the Sunday school throughout its history. They were: Josie Roberts, Deacon Miriam D. Pratt, Hazel Terrell, Bettye Fountain, Lucille D. Herndon, Sumentra Forbes, and currently, Sylvia Hadley.


Children ages 2 to 19 are welcomed into the Sunday school which commences at 8:45 A.M. The Sunday school follows the pattern of gathering, offering, welcome, prayer, song, psalm, gospel, announcements, and dismissal to class. At the end of Sunday school at 9:45 A.M. there is an extended devotional time for children to continue Bible study, sing praise songs, and fellowship with others in order to form a Christian bond.

The fourth Sunday of each month is designated as Youth Sunday and Sunday school children perform the duties of the adults such as scripture readers, ushers, greeters, welcoming to guests, and element bearers. The Sunday school members wear yellow shirts, use the first four pews of the church, and commune after the choir.


The Sunday school is staffed by dedicated volunteer teachers. Our youngest group two years to six is taught by Lucille D. Herndon and Pearline Grant. The first through third grade group is taught by Jocelyn Herndon. The fourth through fifth grade group is taught by Denise McFarland. Our oldest group 12 years through 19 years is taught by Elayne Frazier, Hazel Baird, and Valda Lewis.


There are six Christian seasons. During Advent the Sunday school decorates a ‘Jesse’ tree and light a candle each Sunday. At Christmas the children perform the Birth of Christ pageant. In the season Of Epiphany the Sunday school discusses stewardship. During Lent self-sacrifice and the Stations of the Cross are taught for understanding. The Easter season brings an Easter egg hunt and the Passion play. The Sunday school has Vacation Bible School during Pentecost. Field trips are provided during Pentecost which coincides with the secular calendar. Also during Pentecost, Sunday school starts the second week of September. Sunday school participates in Harvest Sunday and the children are taught lessons for All Saints Day.

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